David Cameron may not think so but a hat is a powerful tool of expression

Boris Johnson has been wearing hats like they are going out of fashion, which they are. According to Nick Robinson’s new book, Live From Downing Street, when David Cameron went off for his hug-a-husky photo-opportunity to the Norwegian glaciers in 2006, he refused to wear a hat, even though it was -25C. The reason for this masochistic obstinacy? Well, it seems he was mindful of the PR mistake his predecessor William Hague made when he was photographed wearing one as he went down a log slide at Read more [...]

Boris Johnson is an unembarrassable maverick – just like Winston Churchill

Voters are drawn to people who don’t care about their appearance Forget the baggy silk shorts with the dragon motif on the front; what sportswear the Mayor of London chooses for his morning jog should be no concern of ours. What is more intriguing is the mismatched socks: one dark, the other pale. When I saw that photo of Boris jogging in them I thought: that has to be deliberate. An affectation. Not even he would put on mismatching socks by mistake. For a moment it made me see him in a new Read more [...]