A nation united as one family

Our children didn’t care about the rain or crowds because this was a spectacle they’ll never forget. For a thousand years, kings and queens have featured in every chapter of our island story. We learn their dates in school — along with those of Shakespeare, Nelson and Churchill — and we are taught that some were good, some bad. I think what most of us were doing over the four-day Diamond Jubilee “weekend” was thanking our Queen, Elizabeth II, for being one of the good ones. We did it Read more [...]

‘I gather my family name has been taken in vain’

Many believe a Dimbleby should have headed the BBC’s Diamond Jubilee coverage. Does 'Any Questions' presenter Jonathan agree? The framed political cartoons are what you expect to find on the walls in Jonathan Dimbleby’s house, a former parsonage in Devon. So are the photographs of him showjumping, and the small wind turbine in his garden (he’s a friend of the Prince of Wales, remember). Even the Mozart score on the piano seems in keeping. But the children’s paintings? Not so much. He is 67, Read more [...]