So many things could go wrong with the Olympics. It’s not too late to cancel…

Is the stadium finished? I saw something like a giant helter skelter, and that didn’t look finished at all… So many things could go wrong with the Olympics. It's not too late to cancel... You know how it is when you decide to hold a summer party and then you wake up in a cold sweat a few days before it’s due to happen, worrying that no one will turn up, you haven’t ordered enough food and drink, and it will be raining? Well I’ve been doing that over the Olympics. I wake up at 3am Read more [...]

Boris Johnson is an unembarrassable maverick – just like Winston Churchill

Voters are drawn to people who don’t care about their appearance Forget the baggy silk shorts with the dragon motif on the front; what sportswear the Mayor of London chooses for his morning jog should be no concern of ours. What is more intriguing is the mismatched socks: one dark, the other pale. When I saw that photo of Boris jogging in them I thought: that has to be deliberate. An affectation. Not even he would put on mismatching socks by mistake. For a moment it made me see him in a new Read more [...]